Chapters 1 – 3

Papas with Ponytails

Chapter 1 – Trauma

“January 1980 – At about 1:00 am, the phone rang…I heaved my huge, pregnant body up out of the bed and rushed to the phone…..all I really remember…was hearing my traumatized little two-year-old crying “Mommy” on the other end. My world began to spin, and I collapsed to the floor in despair…..”

Luke with his proud Papa
Luke – a happy little baby!
Image from Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1980

Chapter 2 – Dam Brat

(That’s dam…not damn)

“Many Times, people have wondered how individuals can make choices in their lives that lead them to being in relationships with abusive partners…..for me, it was about shyness and insecurity.”

Chapter 3 – Dangerous Mind

“In my experience, the mind is a dangerous place to be…”