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Papas with Ponytails

“I just finished this little book with a big heart. Anyone and everyone, gender, age or any other persuasion, will find themselves in here. From small town life to refugee camps in Costa Rica, to hostage situations in Iran to treacherous Wyoming roads, there is life; and life’s lessons, heartbreaks and rewards on every page.

Written simply yet with the undertone of immense intellect, the book flows easily. One can feel the heartache of losing a child, taste the flavors of foreign food, and experience the thrill of accomplishment. A book filled with hope, healing, and love; a journey I encourage all to take. Bravo, Ms. Flowers, for sharing your strength, wisdom and courage.”


“I just finished ‘Papas With Ponytails’ and want to commend you for writing such an engaging and honest account of your life experiences. I read it cover to cover as soon as it arrived and it was a true page turner. Thank you for your courage and honesty in order to help others ‘find out who they truly are’!”


“I gotta tell ya…I am not a reader but I can’t put your book down”


“I’m so excited I just received my book about Alexandra Flowers’ heartbreaking journey about her son being kidnapped and taken to Iran, all that she endured through those years and her recovery. It is available on Amazon! It’s definitely one you can’t put down!” (Christine)

Papas with Ponytails arrived yesterday and I woke up this morning with the intention of starting it. I couldn’t stop and just finished it. It’s an amazing story and brought me to tears more than once….I loved the book!!!” (John)

Papas with Ponytails is an excellent read. I literally could not put it down. It’s an extraordinary account of hardship, tragedy, love, and personal growth. I highly recommend this inspirational book be on everyone’s reading list!” (Anonymous)

I finished the book yesterday afternoon. I read from the 6th chapter to the end without stopping! Oh my goodness! It seemed like 3 lifetimes of living! The things people can endure and still come out on the other side with a loving nature….just amazing!” (Anonymous)

I love the book! I need three more of them!” (Irene)

I just got done reading your book! It was so good! I’m so amazed by your bravery…” (Sherri)

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Started reading this book as I know the author and truly enjoying it. Generally not a reader but finding lots of interest in this book…I would never have realized what this person has gone through as she was so supportive for many young adults…She truly is an awesome lady…and we are truly blessed and grateful for all her love and support throughout the years” (Parent of former Upward Bound student)

“This is an amazing story. I can’t imagine the pain and agony Alexandra went through, nor would I want to. But if you want to read an all inspiring story of how she overcomes adversity, you need to buy this book. Kudos to you Alexandra, for your strength and determination to survive all that life threw at you and for having the courage to write about it and share with others.” (Ann)

This book is a page-turner. It absolutely has it all! I really enjoyed the author’s relatability. She didn’t blame anyone and took full responsibility for the various situations in her life. Great book!” (Terri)

“I loved this book! The author’s true life story. So inspirational. You will get angry, you just might cry, you will laugh, but mostly you will be in awe of this woman who went through so much for so many years and came out the other side with such forgiveness and a loving heart; even for those who caused her so much pain.” (Amazon customer)

“I thought I would read a few pages, and soon realized I could not put the book down! It is an amazing true story! It should be on everyone’s “must read list!” (John)